According to a report on the Khuzestan protests in Hamshahri newspaper, 300 demonstrators in Susangerd have been arrested. While Khuzestan residents’ ability to access social media is severely limited due to governmental internet blocking in the region, a number of accounts and videos of police assaults on the homes of citizens in cities around Khuzestan Province have been posted in recent days. According to several of these accounts, police were going door-to-door and carrying off at least one family member from every home. 

Names of some of those said to have been arrested in Khuzestan have been published to social media, but they remain unconfirmed. Several reports on social media claim that a substantial number of those arrested in the Khuzestan protests are teenagers. Seyyed Karim Hosseini, Majles representative for Ahvaz, in an interview with ILNA (Iranian Labor News Agency) said that there was no official count of the number of teenagers arrested but did not deny that they were among those detained.

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