Protests have now spread from the industrial sector to agriculture. On Tuesday, Isfahani farmers gathered in front of the Isfahan provincial capitol building to protest water policies and the government’s negligence of the Zayanderud River. Police attempted to disperse the protesting farmers, beating some with batons.

Khuzestan farmers gathered in front of the Khuzestan Water Authority headquarters to protest the lack of water, both for individual consumption and agricultural uses. Khuzestan is facing a crisis of potable water, and many of this oil-rich province’s cities and towns simply cannot meet the demand. As if a lack of water wasn’t enough of a problem, the province also faces chronic electricity shortages.

Workers from the pest control division of the Haft Tappeh sugarcane company also entered the 11th day of a general strike.

In the city of Assaluyeh, daily water and food rations were cut to put pressure on the workers to break the strike and deter further ones.

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