Production of the Cuban coronavirus vaccine, which was planned as a joint project between Iran and Cuba, has been canceled. Doctor Minoo Mohraz, a member of Iran’s scientific committee to combat the coronavirus, said that after the third phase of the Cuban vaccine’s clinical trials in Iran, the Cuban ambassador announced that Cuba no longer had a shared project with Iran and that priority would be shifted to their own country and others in Latin America.

Dr. Mohraz said that in terms of the Iranian vaccines, only the Barakat vaccine has received an emergency approval license to be produced; other vaccines are still in the second or third phase of testing. At the end of June, IRGC commander Hossein Salami announced the production of the Nora vaccine. At the unveiling ceremony for the vaccine, which according to Dr. Mohraz has in fact yet to go into production, Salami claimed that the new vaccine would be provided to the US and impoverished countries.

Last year, shortly after the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, the Revolutionary Guards unveiled a supposed coronavirus-detecting device, which later turned out to be ineffective. The device, dubbed “Masta’an,” had in fact been previously sold to the government as a drug-detection device.

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