August 2023
Deconstructing ‘Independent Media’ in the Islamic Republi

Deconstructing “Independent Media” in the Islamic Republic

The absence of independent journalism in Iran cannot be blamed solely on censorship and a lack of freedom. The political affiliations of supposedly independent newspapers’ owners and executives result in their narratives adhering closely to those of the government.

Media in the Post-revolutionary Iran: A Timeline

Pressure on the media in Iran intensified shortly after the 1979 revolution, beginning with the shutdown of the “Ayandegan” newspaper, the seizure of major newspapers “Kayhan” and “Ettela’at”, and the persecution of numerous journalists through imprisonment and execution. In the aftermath of the revolution, Khomeini’s

Supreme Council of Cyberspace

Who Controls the Iranian Web?

Many of Iran’s most prominent political figures distanced themselves from the Internet blackout that crippled communications in Iran last November amid violent countrywide protests. We at Doublethink have mapped who is responsible for managing and overseeing Iran’s Internet infrastructure. The results reveal a complicated network of unqualified, ideologically motivated government overseers and bonyad-linked consortia.